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Nestle Resource Diabetes, 400g - My Vitamin Store

Nestle Resource Diabetes, 400g

PKR 4,843
Resource diabetes is a nutritionally balanced complete diet for oral consumption or tube feeding designed for people with diabetes or hyperglycemia. Resource diabetes can be used as the sole source...
Nestle Resource Junior, 400g - My Vitamin Store

Nestle Resource Junior, 400g

PKR 3,449
Resource Junior is a nutritionally complete diet for tube feeding or oral use for the dietary management of child 1 - 10 years with or at risk of malnutrition. Resource...
Nestle Resource Optimum, 400g - My Vitamin Store

Nestle Resource Optimum, 400g

PKR 3,684
Contains Probiotics 9 g Protein / serving 2.7 g Prebiotic Fibre / serving Lactose and Gluten Free If you feel tired or weak or are recovering from surgery or illness,...