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Neobax - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Neobax - Hamdard

PKR 220
Neobax is for men who need nutritional support for their reproductive area. It contains multiple herbal ingredients that encourage blood flow to this region and thus help to tone the...
Neoba - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Neoba - Hamdard

PKR 490
Maximum strength - Improves vitality. Made with natural ingredients. It is natural for men who face a gradual decrease in sex drive (libido) as they age. As men age, the...
Habb-ul-Misk 93 - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Habb-ul-Misk 93 - Hamdard

PKR 730
Habb-ul-Misk 93 is a natural sex booster prepared with precious ingredients which helps to enhance strength, stamina. It boosts libido and shield men from erectile dysfunction. It also helps to...
Habb-e-Khas - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Habb-e-Khas - Hamdard

PKR 365
Habb-e-Khas is a supportive and effective therapy for relieving male sexual debility and restoring masculine vigor, raises sexual level, beneficial in loss of libido, and fatigue. Habb-e-Khas enhances the functions...
Supari Pak - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Supari Pak - Hamdard

PKR 245
Supari Pak tones up uterus and stops excessive fluid discharge. It is a reliable preparation for leucorrhoea. It may be used during pregnancy to sustain it. Leucorrhoea, a vaginal discharge...
Garlina - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Garlina - Hamdard

PKR 220
Helps to regulate blood cholesterol and blood sugar. Modern science and World Health Organization (WHO) recognize the effectiveness of Allium sativum (garlic), Allium cepa (onion), Commiphora mukul (gond gugul), Nigella...
Habb-e-Amber Momyaie - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Habb-e-Amber Momyaie - Hamdard

PKR 365
An ideal preparation for sexual debility and vital organs. Cinnamomum cassia: It stimulates bodily functions, the metabolism, secretions, discharges and circulation. It helps to maintain the loss of libido and sexual...
Mifta - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Mifta - Hamdard

PKR 290
For Constipation Mifta herbal laxative is a carefully selected combination of natural ingredients which are safe, effective and helpful for smooth movements of bowels which results in effortless passage of...
Erqember - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Erqember - Hamdard

PKR 425
Erqember is beneficial for vital organs. It helps and promotes greater sustained levels of energy as it contains selected herbs and fruits. It is helpful in producing fresh blood and...
Habb-e-Jawahir - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Habb-e-Jawahir - Hamdard

PKR 295
With aging or after prolong illness, all vital organs begin to lose some functions. Aging changes occur in all of the body’s cells, tissues and organs, and these changes affect...
Laboob-e-Kabir - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Laboob-e-Kabir - Hamdard

PKR 540
Sexual stimulant and an effective preparation which increases libido and helps to maintain youthful vigour. Potent tonic for sexual organ. Enhances the production of seminal fluid. Effective in general and...
Khuban - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Khuban - Hamdard

PKR 185
A fine and delicious syrup prepared from selected herbs. In human body energy balance is a relationship between energy-in and energy-out. A severe negative energy balance can lead to decline...
Somina - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Somina - Hamdard

PKR 340
A nutritive remedy for brain and tense nervous system. Mental disorders commonly occurs throughout the world and anxiety has been pointed out as a common mental health problem. Depression is...
Safi - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Safi - Hamdard

PKR 170
Blood is a specialized body fluid that delivers necessary substance to the body cells i.e. nutrients, oxygen and transport waste products away from the same cells. Poor diet, fast food,...
Habb-e-Nishat - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Habb-e-Nishat - Hamdard

PKR 220
Habb-e-Nishat is an impressive herbal supplement, which is helpful as a good aphrodisiac and retentive. Habb-e-Nishat helps and rekindles passion and enhances the amount of libido. It has no side...
Aujaie - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Aujaie - Hamdard

PKR 245
Effective herbal formulation for pain relief in rheumatism, gout, sciatica & allied joint pains. Effective for Arthritis Gout Rheumatism Sciatica Joint Pains Pyrethrum indicum: It is effective in arthritic and gout...
Jernide - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Jernide - Hamdard

PKR 195
An effective formulation for relieving hypersensitivity of male reproductive organs. Excessive spermatorrhoea and wet dreams are due to inflammation that causes irritation thereby hypersensitivity of sexual organs. Genital organs hypersensitivity...
Masturin - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Masturin - Hamdard

PKR 185
Regular menstruation since puberty till menopause is a normal process. Disturbance in this normal routine causes multiple feminine diseases. Masturin is effective for preventing and treating the feminine menstruation disorders....
Nisa - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Nisa - Hamdard

PKR 150
Nisa is an effective preparation for inflammatory conditions of the female genital organs. It arrests leucorrhoeal discharge and cures all derangement of menstrual cycle. Zingiber officinalis: It is a good supporting player...
Tunsukh - Hamdard

Tunsukh - Hamdard

PKR 245
A herbal preparation that helps and restores functional balance of the body by providing essential nutrients. Tunsukh helps to bring balance to your body and is helpful in cases of...
Barrisal - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Barrisal - Hamdard

PKR 195
Barrisal is an excellent herbal preparation contains Aloe vera natural gel. Aloe vera since time immemorial has been used to aid in smooth functioning of gastro-intestinal tract, mainly because of...
Sharbat Faulad - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Sharbat Faulad - Hamdard

PKR 180
Helps in generating red blood cells (RBCs) and restoring vitality. Iron is an essential constituent of the red blood corpuscles, where it is present in the form of hemoglobin. It...
Aujalin Cream - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Aujalin Cream - Hamdard

PKR 245
Relieves pain instantly and reduces inflammation. Aujalin cream provides safe and effective relief from the muscular and joint pain due to muscular cramps, sprain, arthritis and lumbago. Effective for Cramps...
Carmina Plus - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Carmina Plus - Hamdard

PKR 220
Carmina is a digestive Unani herbal supplement that helps to control dyspepsia, eases in digestion, flatulence, heaviness in abdomen and irritable bowel syndrome. Helpful in indigestion and activates liver function....
Honey 480g - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Honey 480g - Hamdard

PKR 850
Honey is a natural sweetener that is full of antioxidants and needs no artificial preservatives to stay fresh. As a healthy source of carbohydrates, honey is also an excellent source...
Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad - Hamdard

PKR 1,000
Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad is an effective and famous Unani medicine for strengthening the heart and other vital organs of the body. Regulates the heartbeat and increases circulation and formation...
Mahwari - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Mahwari - Hamdard

PKR 150
A most effective medicine for curing all menstrual disorders including dysmenorrhoea & amenorrhoea. Helps relieve from pain. Regulates menstrual flow. Removes tension & headache arise at time of menstrual. Suggested...
Suduri Sugar Free - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Suduri Sugar Free - Hamdard

PKR 100
Hamdard suduri sugar free helps to act as bronchodilator and expectorant. A specific remedy for cough and congestion of lungs. It is efficacious in cases of chronic and acute bronchitis,...
Khamira Gaozaban Ambri Jawahardar - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Khamira Gaozaban Ambri Jawahardar - Hamdard

PKR 485
It tones up brain and is successfully prescribed for cardiac weakness. It preserves eye-sight and is a very useful preparation for mental workers. Strengthens Memory Power Helps in relieving Perplexity...
Khamira - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Khamira - Hamdard

PKR 100
Effective cerebral preparation treatment for brain, cardiac weakness and defection vision. Strengthens the brain Used successfully to relieve heart weakness. Protects eyesight. Legal Disclaimer Unless expressly indicated in the product...
Miswak Peelu Toothpaste - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Miswak Peelu Toothpaste - Hamdard

PKR 140
Provides protection to teeth & gums. Prevents dental caries (tooth decay). Dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal diseases are the two main afflictions to mankind. Bacterial plaque is solely responsible...
Joshanda - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Joshanda - Hamdard

PKR 90
Hamdard Joshanda is an effective herbal remedy for Flue, Cough & Cold, particularly in chronic cases. Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice): It has been used in cough preparations due to mild anti-inflammatory properties....
Rahat-e-Shikam - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Rahat-e-Shikam - Hamdard

PKR 100
Modern life style has compelled the human to struggle untiringly and in the fast manner for fulfilling the unlimited desires which is leading to many health problems. Consumption of fast...
Sharbat Toot Siyah - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Sharbat Toot Siyah - Hamdard

PKR 80
Hamdard Sharbat Toot Siyah is an effective and time - tested herbal remedy provides prompt relief in chest congestion, effective for inflammation and pain in throat and improves the pitch...
Khamira Marwareed - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Khamira Marwareed - Hamdard

PKR 425
Hamdard Khamira Marwareed Khas helps in eradicating weakness of Heart. It provides strength to both heart and mind . It regulates the Blood Pressure and is very effective against typhoid,...
Roghan-e Badam Sheerin, 60ml - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Roghan-e Badam Sheerin, 60ml - Hamdard

PKR 525
A great source of nutrients Memory Enhancer Immune Booster Roghan-e-Badam Sheerin is highly nutritive that contributes to the health and development of the human brain. It strengthens body, lubricates the...
Ghutti - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Ghutti - Hamdard

PKR 110
A natural remedy for infants and children's digestive system. Hamdard Ghutti acts as an effective remedy to clear the bowels of the new born and relieves the constipation in children....
Roghan-e Baboona, 60ml - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Roghan-e Baboona, 60ml - Hamdard

PKR 245
Massage oil for pain and swelling. It generally acts as anti-inflammatory, analgesic and useful in arthritis and rheumatism. CompositionEach ml contains: Oil of Matricaria chamomilla (Flowers) (UPI): 83.33 mg Suggested...
Kaisari Granules - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Kaisari Granules - Hamdard

PKR 185
Kaisari, a balanced unani formulation, helps in proper digestion and checks the gases formation. It also helps in relieving heart burning and retching. Effective for Indigestion Gastric Discomfort Acidity Coriandrum...
Instant Joshanda, 5 Ct - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Instant Joshanda, 5 Ct - Hamdard

PKR 50
Hamdard Instant Joshanda is an herbal tea for relieving cough, cold and congestion. Instant Joshanda helps in controlling running nose, sore throat, headache, body ache and fever. It contains the...
Ispaghol Classic, 25g - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Ispaghol Classic, 25g - Hamdard

PKR 170
Hamdard Ispaghol (Psyllium) is a bulk producing laxative and fibre supplement, mainly used as a dietary fibre, which is not absorbed by the small intestine. The purely mechanical action of...
Suduri - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Suduri - Hamdard

PKR 100
Suduri is a specific non-sedative remedy for cough and congestion of lungs. Decongestant, Cough Suppressant, Non-Sedative, Dual Action. Provides prompt relief in Dry & Chronic cough. Promptly relieves cough associated...
Naunehal Herbal Gripe Water - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Naunehal Herbal Gripe Water - Hamdard

PKR 125
A useful digestive. Anti Colic combination for babies Naunehal Herbal Gripe Water is an effective and trusted Unani Herbal Supplement which helps to keep infants and babies healthy and fit....
Sualin Vaporease, 19g - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Sualin Vaporease, 19g - Hamdard

PKR 150
Hamdard Sualin Vaporease, powerful relief from blocked nose & congestion. Sualin Vaporease is a mixture of essential plant oils for the relief of nasal and bronchial congestion. It provides ideal...
Dawa Ul Misk - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Dawa Ul Misk - Hamdard

PKR 605
Strengthens the heart and vital organs. Useful in palpitation, anxiety and depression. CompositionEach 5 gm contains: Berberis Aristata (API): 107.527 mg Portulaca oleraceae (UPI): 67.204 mg Phyllanthus emblica (UPI): 67.204...
Qurs Mulayyin- Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Qurs Mulayyin- Hamdard

PKR 300
Hamdard Qurs Mulayyin is an herbal laxative that relieves constipation. It is also effective in treating loss of appetite, weakness of liver and stomach, and gastritis (inflammation of stomach). Qurs...
Dawa Ul Misk Mo,tadil Sada - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Dawa Ul Misk Mo,tadil Sada - Hamdard

PKR 410
Hamdard Dawa-ul misk Mo'tadil Sada is a herbal medicine that is effective in improving liver functions, it improves digestion. It is effective in treating cardiac and cerebral weakness. Hamdard dawa-ul-misk...
Ma'Jun Shababawar - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Ma'Jun Shababawar - Hamdard

PKR 365
A well balanced preparation for empowering male libido and revitalizing the principal organs of the body.  Removes general debility. Gives strength and vigour to the body and muscle This is...
Infuza - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Infuza - Hamdard

PKR 80
Infuza is a natural herbal formula used for the symptomatic relief of flu, cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma and fever. It is an effective herbal formula that promotes healthy bronchial activity...
Sualin - Hamdard - My Vitamin Store

Sualin - Hamdard

PKR 730
Herbal relief for throat pain, inflammation and cough. Suduri is a specific non-sedative remedy for cough and congestion of lungs. Suduri is Decongestant. Suduri is Dry cough Suppressant. Suduri is...