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NutraRelax - NutraTea - My Vitamin Store

NutraRelax - NutraTea

PKR 1,500
For Sleep, Stress & Anxiety A soothing tea blend to ease nerves and muscles, relieve tension, and tackle symptoms such as; agitation, mood swings, headaches and insomnia. Promotes and Maintains...
NutraTrim - NutraTea - My Vitamin Store

NutraTrim - NutraTea

PKR 1,500
For Digestion 7 Fat Burning A potent tea blend to help support weight management, stimulate the metabolic rate and removal of toxins, while serving to control blood sugar levels and...
NutraFlow - NutraTea - My Vitamin Store

NutraFlow - NutraTea

PKR 1,500
For Bladder & Urethra An effective tea blend to maintain urinary tract function, encourage the excretion of harmful bacteria that may result in infection, while easing inflammation and discomfort. Supports...
NutraDefence - NutraTea - My Vitamin Store

NutraDefence - NutraTea

PKR 1,500
For Immunity to Build Natural Defence A supportive blend to help strengthen immunity, provide relief and enhance the body’s ability to fight the common cold, while protecting against further viruses....
NutraLust - NutraTea - My Vitamin Store

NutraLust - NutraTea

PKR 1,500
For sexual energy & libido A passionate blend to help improve sexual performance, assist the delivery of energy and stamina support, while improving the balance of hormones for greater pleasure...
NutraLiver - NutraTea - My Vitamin Store

NutraLiver - NutraTea

PKR 1,800
Helping to maintain the body’s natural fluid and nutrient balance, NutraLiver contains Fennel Seeds to support detoxification, whilst Turmeric prevents the accumulation of fats and facilitates their clearance via the...